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Michigan Kids Back on Track

Deliver Proven Academic Results with Research-backed Tutoring at Your Michigan School

Stride Tutoring is now an approved vendor for Michigan’s Kids Back on Track initiative. Having already seen remarkable results in other states, Stride Tutoring is ready to work with schools in Michigan!

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Michigan Kids Back on Track

Did you know?

In July, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed off on a record public education budget that included $150 million for individualized tutoring and academic support to help the state’s struggling students recover from pandemic learning loss.

The MI Kids Back on Track grant will support your district and assist you to address unfinished learning, get students to grade-level academic standards, and provide academic assistance to students at risk of falling behind their peers.

We are excited to announce that Stride Tutoring’s high-dosage tutoring aligns with the legislative requirements and is an accepted vendor on the High Impact Tutoring Programs list for this state grant. Let us be your trusted advisors in navigating MI Kids Back on Track with success.

Why Are We Different?

Stride Tutoring offers a flexible online education platform designed to help overcome learning loss and improve student outcomes by connecting students with certified teachers. The program provides virtual, live, synchronous tutoring where students interact with their tutor on camera.

Our tutors are:

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Fully background checked.

teacher pointing to his student raising her hand

Certified in one or more U.S. states or territories.

student interacting with her online tutor using her laptop

Equipped with best-in-class online teaching tools and Stride’s proprietary curriculum library.

High-Dosage Tutoring: A Proven Method

The research is clear: virtual high-dosage tutoring is proven to be the most effective intervention for overcoming learning loss and can improve test scores and grades.

Stride Tutoring is proven to be the most effective intervention for overcoming learning loss and can improve test scores and grades.

Looking to overcome learning loss in your school district?

Pulaski County Schools x Stride Tutoring

Over 850 Pulaski students in grades 3-8 completed approximately 4,000 sessions over a four-month period this school year.

By using Stride Tutoring, they saw:

A 40-point percentile ranking increase in 3rd grade math.

A 39-point percentile ranking increase in 6th grade English.

An 18-point percentile ranking increase for English students in grades 3-8.

A 13-point percentile ranking increase for math students in grades 3-8.

A 30-point percentile ranking increase in 3rd grade English.

How to get funding for your district


Districts must first be determined eligible. Once a list of eligible districts is compiled, allocations for each district will be determined.

To be determined as eligible, districts must:

    • Submit an application. For help submitting your application, click here.
    • Create and post a MI Kids Back on Track plan to its website homepage. Click here to dive into the Plan Guidelines.

Eligible districts then submit a plan and budget for approval, aligned with the allocation and approved plan, through the NexSys grant platform.


Choose Stride Tutoring as your vendor! Once districts receive their allocation in March, they will have until September 25, 2025 to spend the funds.

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