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A Tutoring Company Parents Can Trust

Want the highest quality tutors available? Better knowledge and experience? Hundreds of tutors to choose from across the country? We’re so confident we’re the best online tutoring company around we stand by our services.

One-on-One Online Tutoring With Stride

As a parent, your mission is clear: prepare your child for all of life’s challenges. If your child struggles to keep up with their classmates, performs poorly on tests, or has ineffective study habits, a great tutor is the ideal support mechanism to help your child thrive academically. With Stride, you’ll find a tutor who can instill academic confidence in your child and a genuine love of learning.

Why Try Stride?

In your quest to find a tutor, Stride Tutoring connects you with highly experienced state-certified teachers specializing in math, science, English, and many other subjects. Stride ensures personalized tutoring to help your child maintain their academic pace, catch up, or even surge ahead. Each of our tutors customizes their lesson plans to your child’s specific learning style, strengths, and interests.

Our online tutoring company takes the hassle out of finding a qualified tutor who will develop rapport with your child and support them in their studies. Our network extends nationwide, offering a broad pool of experienced tutors to choose from, all from the comfort of your home. In addition to helping you find a tutor, we streamline the scheduling and payment processes so you can focus on your child’s academic progress.

Getting Started

There are many tutoring companies to choose from, but Stride is the only major tutoring company that provides state-certified teachers committed to customizing their lesson plans to your child’s learning style and interests. You did the hard part when you chose Stride to help you find a tutor. We make everything else easy. 

We recommend you take a little of the time we’ll be saving you to check out some valuable resources for parents like the PTA or resources provided by the Office of Elementary & Secondary Education.

Find the Perfect Tutor

While it’s easy to find a tutor, finding the right tutor for your child is far more valuable. The right tutor can transform the learning experience from daunting to exciting, from frustrating to rewarding. Stride Tutoring understands the profound impact the perfect tutor can have on a child’s academic and personal development.

Find a Tutor That Meets Your Needs

Reasonable Pricing

We know how important it is to keep costs down, especially when your child may benefit from multiple sessions.

Private 1-on-1 Sessions

Our expert tutors approach each student individually, ensuring customized support and guidance every step of the way.

Outstanding Tutor Availability

Stride gives you the scheduling options you need to minimize disruption and easily fit into your life.

20 Years of Online Education Experience

Stride Tutoring isn’t just the new tutoring company on the block. We’re backed by all the knowledge and experience of Stride, Inc. an industry leader that has been pioneering the online education space for over twenty years by operating public and private virtual schools, as well as serving districts, businesses, and adult learners. With us you can rest assured you’re being served by a business that has:

  • Earned 95% satisfaction rate among K-12 parents
  • Served over 2 million students, online
  • Won dozens of awards in the education space

Stride’s Recent Awards

Find a Tutor That’s Right for Your Child

Stride values teachers and their hard-earned qualifications, and we know that parents do, too. Understanding the crucial role tutors play in the lives of students, we devote substantial resources guaranteeing that Stride tutors epitomize excellence. We take pride in our exceptional tutors and their unwavering commitment to fostering long-term triumphs for students.

  • We exclusively use state-certified teachers who are familiar with real world curricula
  • All tutors are extensively background screened and rigorously vetted
  • Stride Tutoring stands by its services with a grade & satisfaction guarantee*
Find a Tutor

Featured Tutors

Dr. Catie Acitelli

I love guiding students in unlocking the wonders of math and helping them understand the “why” behind the concepts. I strive to make math approachable and fun, and I am here to work with each student at every step of the way to ensure that they feel confident to succeed in their mathematical journey.

Cameron Starc

I firmly believe that every student can achieve academic success, especially when they are inspired, so I try to connect students to subjects based on their hobbies and interests. By tapping into their personal passions, I aim to create a vibrant and engaging learning environment that sparks enthusiasm and cultivates a genuine love for the subject matter.

Juanita Thorne

My teaching philosophy revolves around meeting students where they are, providing the necessary support and guidance to unlock their learning capabilities. I try to build relationships with students to help them to relax enough to ask questions and be willing to fail; one of my favorite things to tell students is that “mistakes are welcome here!”

Why Families Love Us

Frequently Asked Questions

What do parents need to know about finding a tutor?

Finding a tutor is difficult – end of story. With tutors who are peers, part of a small business, or operate independently, you have to rely on word of mouth from people you know. When choosing from a tutoring company, you have the benefit of online reviews, a website that showcases the tutors available, and the knowledge that the pool of options is large and likely high quality.

Does my child need a tutor?

Being actively involved in your child’s education is the best way to determine if your child needs a tutor. Staying in touch with their teachers, understanding their grades versus their peers, and knowing how satisfied they are with what they are doing in school are the best ways to know if your child needs a little extra help. Additionally, sometimes it may not even be a case of your child being behind, but noticing if they are dissatisfied with their academic performance and want to get ahead. These are several signs you may need to find a tutor.

How should I go about finding a tutor for my child?

When finding a tutor, parents should consider a tutor’s most important attributes. For example, how many years they’ve been teaching, if they’re actively state-certified, which courses they have expertise in, where they were educated, and what their personality is. Lastly, it is probably most important to assess how well-reviewed the tutor is amongst past customers.

What advantages do tutoring companies have over independent tutors?

It’s easier to trust a tutoring company that has established itself because it has a reputation to protect, more resources available, and the ability to provide guarantees and resolve customer service issues in favor of the customer. Independent tutors often feel that they have to look out for themselves first and foremost, which may not always result in the best experience. Additionally, tutoring companies are able to better vet their tutors and ensure they are safe for your child.

Do tutoring companies offer any guarantees?

Most reputable tutoring companies offer either a satisfaction, grade, or test score guarantee. If a tutoring company doesn’t stand by its services, it is usually a warning sign to consider. Because a number of factors contribute to how a child performs academically and how success is measured, it isn’t reasonable to expect a specific grade lift guarantee like a full grade improvement. But you should always be assured you’ll be happy with your tutor and if working extensively with them, you should expect an improvement and not worsening of your child’s grades.