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Tutoring for Schools & Districts

Effectively meeting the needs of your students can be a challenge in today’s world. Having a strong partner to support you is a must. Stride Tutoring’s state-certified teachers can be a seamless extension of your team.

Does Your School or District Need Support?

Overcome Learning Loss & Improve Student Outcomes

The research clearly shows that high-impact tutoring is proven to be the most effective intervention for learning loss. Online tutoring delivered the right way is just as effective as in-person and can close the gap on test scores and grades.

Ensure Student Access to Personalized Learning

The reality is, some students need individual or small group attention to learn effectively. But they still need state-certified teachers who bring knowledge, experience, and the ability to adapt lesson content and delivery to meet unique needs of their students.

Extend Your Educational Team with the Support it Needs

Between teacher shortages and budgeting, schools and districts often face major roadblocks in ensuring educators have time to do their jobs well and students have access to the learning they need. Extending your team through supplemental tutoring can make a huge difference for everyone.

Why Stride Tutoring?

Our tutors are equipped with a comprehensive library of curriculum and lesson content that aligns to state standards across all states, subjects, and grade levels, so they can deliver instruction that fits perfectly with what your students are learning in the classroom.

  • We only use state-certified teachers you can trust
  • Access a standards-aligned curriculum library
  • Enjoy the advantages of an evidence-based approach
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Stride Flexibly Supports a Variety of Tutoring Models

The Stride Tutoring platform was built according to research-based best practices for effective tutoring*, supporting multiple scheduling operations to tailor your implementation to the diverse needs of your students.

Student- or Family-Booked Sessions

Districts have the option to allow their eligible students to book 1:1 tutoring sessions directly, within parameters set by the district.

Educator-Assigned Sessions

Classroom teachers, interventionists, or other educators can book sessions for individual students or small groups and specify content to be covered.

High-Dosage Tutoring

Centrally structured high-dosage tutoring programs can be scheduled in bulk for consistent tutor-student pairings to meet multiple times per week.

Any Combination of These Models

Stride’s Customer Success team will understand your goals and tailor the implementation to your district’s specific academic and logistical needs.

*See the research that helped us define our guiding principles here.

Why Our Customers Love Us

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Stride Tutoring?

    Stride Tutoring is an evidence-based tutoring platform supported by a nationwide network of certified teachers, who are not only experts in their subject matter but are also trained on the most effective practices for online learning and on the latest state and national guidelines. Our tutors also undergo a detailed background check to ensure your students are safe.

    What makes Stride Tutoring different?

    In addition to employing only certified teachers as its tutors, Stride also equips its tutors with a robust set of resources to ensure their effectiveness:

    • Tutors plan and deliver lessons using Stride’s proprietary “Learning Hub”, a full curriculum library aligned to state standards across all 50 states and all core subjects for grades K-12.
    • Tutors are trained on the Learning Hub curriculum library, the Stride Tutoring platform, and best practices for providing effective online instruction.
    • Tutors receive ongoing professional development opportunities through the Stride Professional Development Center.
    • Tutors participate in a professional learning community to exchange and incorporate best practices.

    How does Stride Tutoring provide “personalized” learning?

    Stride offers a 100% online, face-to-face tutoring solution. Students will meet with their tutors synchronously via our tutoring platform’s video conferencing tool. We offer individual or small group tutoring, up to a 1:5 tutor-to-student ratio. Our simple online portal makes it easy to schedule recurring sessions with the same tutor so that a strong learning relationship can be built, as well as to communicate with the tutor before and after sessions, so you can specify exactly what topics or standards should be covered. As certified teachers, our tutors can effectively differentiate lesson content and instructional techniques to meet the unique needs of each learner. They are equipped with the knowledge, skill, experience, and curriculum materials needed to adapt content, methodologies, and instructional delivery to meet the needs of each student.

    How does scheduling work?

    Stride Tutoring is scheduled by the student, parent, guardian, educator, or other staff. Users can book one-time or recurring sessions by selecting the subject, course, date, and time of day. Users may choose their own tutor by reviewing the tutors’ profiles, or our platform can recommend a tutor for you. Our tutors are available to serve students before, during, or after school hours, or on weekends.

    How will my school/district receive support from the Stride Tutoring team?

    Stride’s Customer Success team will set up a kickoff meeting where your school or district will be guided through a set of questions designed to build mutual understanding of goals, target outcomes, and logistical considerations. A dedicated Customer Success Manager will also be assigned to your school or district to support ongoing check-ins, reporting, feedback, and other needs. Educators, students, and guardians can seek 24/7 support via the Stride Tutoring website. Help is available via the Contact Us form, email, or phone.