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Online SAT® Tutors At Your Fingertips

The SAT® can be a beast, but it is an important step in your teen’s future. Our SAT® tutors have excellent strategies that will prepare their students for the big day. We also stand by our tutors and guarantee a higher score*

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The SAT® Test

The SAT® is a college admission exam administered multiple times per year by the College Board. It stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. It more or less is designed to measure college readiness. As such, it can be a very challenging test that requires an SAT® Tutor in order to effectively prepare. The other major test that students take for college admissions is called the ACT®.

SAT® Test Difficulty

The SAT® consists of two main sections- math and evidence-based reading and writing. According to College Board, the organization that administers the SAT®, the average score on each section is around 500 points- for a total combined score of 1000. However, the top schools in the nation typically require scores that are much higher than the average – often in the range of 1400 or more. This gap between the average score and the score required for acceptance into a top-tier college or university can make the SAT seem quite difficult – but it’s important to remember that students have the opportunity to prepare and practice for the exam. Difficulty is partially dependent on the tester and their understanding of the material, as well as how they perform under the pressure of time constraints. It’s not uncommon for parents to seek an SAT® Tutor to help minimize the difficulty of the exam.

Hiring an SAT® Tutor

Your child’s SAT® scores have a significant impact on their college admissions. To prepare for the SAT®, many students turn to tutors for assistance. Tutoring can provide individualized attention and customized lesson plans to help your child achieve their best score. However, choosing the right SAT® tutor can be a daunting task. Securing an SAT® tutor increases the odds that your child will gain an advantage over other students which may help them get into the college of their choice.

SAT® Tutor Evaluation

Qualifications and Experience
When searching for an SAT® tutor, it is essential to evaluate their qualifications and experience. Your tutor should have a strong academic background and proven success in helping students improve their SAT® scores. Look for tutors who have standardized test-taking experience and a background in the subject areas covered on the SAT®. This includes math, reading, and writing. A state-certified teacher is well-positioned to provide strong SAT® tutoring.

Availability and Scheduling
The availability and scheduling of your tutor are crucial considerations. Make sure your tutor’s schedule matches your child’s availability, and they are willing to work around your scheduling preferences. Look for tutors who offer flexible scheduling and can accommodate your child’s needs. In addition, consider the tutor’s location. Online tutoring services can be convenient and offer flexibility in scheduling.

Personal Connection
The personal connection between your child and their SAT® tutor can significantly impact their ability to learn and succeed. Be sure to evaluate whether the tutor and your child are a good fit during the first tutoring session. Look for tutors who have a friendly and approachable demeanor, and who can communicate effectively with your child. Their tutoring style may also play a role in your teen’s success.

How Our SAT® Tutors Can Help

Score Improvement

We know how important a good score is to your child’s future. Our SAT® tutors provide simple and effective tips, tricks, and test day preparation that will make a big difference.

Develop Student Confidence

As the tutor gets to know the student, they will develop rapport, adapt to their learning abilities, and use positive reinforcement to help build confidence that will drive further grade improvement and success.

Build Strong Study Habits

During tutoring sessions, Stride’s SAT® tutors will teach students how to stay focused and allocate their study time in the most effective manner possible.

Find the Best SAT® Tutor for Your Teen

The SAT® is a big moment. We understand that and want to help your teen rise to the occasion by giving them the tools to succeed. With Stride Tutoring, you’ll get:

Find an SAT® Tutor

SAT® Tutoring Courses

Stride Tutoring is proud of the highly-qualified tutors we offer covering all sections of the SAT®. This includes reading, math, and writing. Our SAT® tutors tout active state teaching certifications and are true experts in these courses. Find your teen’s subject below to search for an SAT® tutor today!

SAT® Math

SAT® Reading

SAT® Writing

Why Families Love Us

Frequently Asked Questions

How much could I expect my child's SAT® score to improve by working with a Stride SAT tutor?

Stride tutors have a strong track record of helping students make substantial improvements in their overall SAT® scores. While the extent of improvement can vary for each student, our experienced tutors provide personalized instruction and strategies to maximize their performance. Test score improvement varies depending on individual circumstances, and most importantly the level of engagement, commitment, and effort put forth by the student.

What qualifications and experience do Stride SAT® tutors have?

All Stride tutors are state-certified teachers who are experts in the subjects that comprise the SAT®: reading, writing, and math.

Can SAT® tutors provide personalized study plans tailored to my child's strengths and weaknesses?

Absolutely! Stride SAT® online tutors provide personalized study plans tailored to students’ unique strengths and weaknesses. Through careful assessment and analysis, tutors identify areas where students require improvement and develop a customized plan to address those specific needs. This targeted approach helps students optimize their preparation and achieve their desired SAT® scores.

Which section of the SAT® is the hardest for students?

The difficulty of sections in the SAT® can vary for each student based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. While some students may find the math section challenging due to its quantitative nature and complex problem-solving, others may struggle with the reading or writing and language sections, which require strong comprehension and analytical skills.

How do SAT® tutors assist with specific sections of the test, such as math or reading comprehension?

Stride SAT® tutors assist students with specific sections of the test by providing targeted instruction and resources tailored to each section’s content and requirements. For math, tutors focus on strengthening foundational skills and teaching problem-solving strategies, while for reading comprehension they help students develop effective reading techniques and enhance critical analysis skills.